ArchiveSW - Data Archive Storage
for Smart Weather Station
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This package is written and tested to run on a Raspberry Pi but may run on devices.

The application will listen on port 50222 for UDP data from the Smart Weather Station Hub. The data will be stored in a MariaDB (SQL) database. The packets are stored in the following tables:


There are also scripts that will collect and store the High, Low and event count for devices. The data is stored in the following tables:

Air DevicesDailyAir
Firmware UpdateFWUpdate
Sky DevicesDailySky

There are also scripts that will collect and store archival data from WeatherFlow. The data is stored in the following tables:

Air ArchiveAirBackfill
Sky ArchiveSky Backfill
Duplicate UDP packetZdupe
Unknown UDP packetZudp


Main Applications

  1. Archive (archive.js) - The main application that captures and stores the data in SQL. It also writes activity to log files and writes events to filenames.
  2. Alert (alert.js) - This will send alerts via Pushover or Prowl.
  3. Server (server.js) - Edit the configuration file from a web page. Restart any of the applications as needed.
  4. Piio (piio.js) - Accept inputs for three closed contact switches and has five LED outputs for instant status.
  5. Panel (panel.js) - Allows you to use any device with a web brower to view your current data. This is initially designed to work with the RPi 7" touchscreen. However, it is html and may be adapted for any size screen.
Hub reboot
Device reboot
Device offline / online
Battery voltage low
Battery replacement now.
Sensor failure after x consecutive times.

The installation takes less than 30 minutes on a new Pi with an empty SD Card. The instructions are located at:

Installation instructions

The quickest method to install ArchiveSW is to run this script from a terminal window:
bash -e <(wget -qO -

To turn the RPi into a Wi-Fi access point:
bash -e <(wget -qO -

To keep your RPi updated I suggest you run this script once a week
bash -e <(wget -qO -

If you have any errors contact me with the error and I will help you get back up.